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We help mission driven people, companies, and organizations transform spaces, places, and systems.

FORM Coalition is an architecture & design practice specializing in the neighborhood scale. We help people build the world they want to live in by engaging design thinking and community-driven processes.


Clarity is kind

We commit to communicating clearly every step of the way, from fixed-fee contracts to clear processes and timelines. The construction process can be full of unexpected twists, but we work together with our clients to keep you informed so that you can remain confident that the project is moving in the right direction.

Knowledge is power

Owning and developing property has historically been out of reach for many people, including women and people of color, not only because of finances but also because of opaque processes and backroom handshakes. We're committed to doing our part to level the playing field by being a trusted expert and ally, particularly for first-time business owners from marginalized communities.

Building is fun!

A building project is complex and a lot of hard work, but we keep things light where we can. After all, what's more rewarding than seeing your vision become a reality? We love celebrating the wins along the way.

Community is everything

Place-based work is where we thrive, partnering with local collaborators, building relationships, supporting existing efforts, and making decisions based on the long-term impact on communities and people. We love working with people who are invested in their place.

Our process emphasizes shared values and clear communication. We revel in the power of collective creativity, looking for solutions from unlikely places, soliciting impact from a variety of voices and making space for those voices to be heard.


photo by Christina Hicks

Jodi Dubyoski, NCARB

FORM Coalition is led by Jodi Dubyoski. Jodi is an architect and researcher with more than a decade of experience in the community design space. She has a masters of Architecture and a Graduate Certificate in Public Interest Design from Portland State University, where she served as a Graduate Assistant and a Student Fellow at the Center for Public Interest Design. She also holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Virginia Tech and is a licensed architect in Virginia.

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